What kind of organization do you lead?
Do you feel that your organization is doing well, but you want to take it to the next level? Culture shapes how decisions are made in the organization, what we do in new situations, how we interact with each other. Your culture can help or hinder you. Measure your culture, find out where you stand and how to change it.
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What kind of organization do you work in?
Do you feel like your organization is dysfunctional but your leaders don't believe you? Your culture can push people to do anything to win, to never relinquish control or be satisfied. Convince them to measure the culture and find out where you really stand.
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How agile is your organization?
Does your organization react slowly in a crisis? Your culture can make people follow orders even when they are wrong, take no risks or initiative and please everyone.Measure your culture and find out how vulnerable you are.
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Do your good intentions pave the road to organizational „heaven”?
Do you want your people to be proactive and autonomous, but they wait for you to direct them? How you lead and interact with them strongly influences how they make decisions and work together.Measure your Leadership/Impact, find out where it comes from and how to change it.
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Addressing Quiet Quitting Through Culture Change

Checking out the Quietly Quitting phenomenon in relation to Organizational Culture and the Three Levels of Motivation—a perspective by Dr. Robert A. Cooke It seems ...
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How To Get Executive Buy-in For Organisational Culture Change

Unsurprisingly, one of the most asked questions at our recent 2022 Culture and Leadership Conference was “How do I get buy-in from my Chief Executive (or ...
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The Top Reasons for Successful Culture Change

From baseball to big trucks, culture transformation is a commitment that is not for the faint of heart.  Inspirational and informative case studies of such ...
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What’s in culture for you

Why fight the effects when you can fix the cause?

Measure your culture if

What is culture?

The textbook definition of organizational culture is: The shared beliefs, norms and expectations that govern the way people approach their work and interact with each other. Practically…

Organizational culture

MYTH vs Reality


National culture determines an organization’s culture


National culture is not a significant factor where there is genuine concern for the organization’s culture


Organizational culture is a given, it cannot be measured


Organizational culture is measurable and can change in time


Organizational culture is strictly an HR issue


While HR runs the intervention itself, change & transformation can only succeed when supported by the leadership team


Culture management is simply a matter of communication


There is no guarantee that saying what you want will make it happen. Organizational culture is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary


"We don't want to measure our culture because we don't have the budget to transform it"


Measuring culture is useful even when there is no transformation plan. It highlights your vulnerabilities and where you can get some quick wins


"Our industry is different "


A constructive culture will help you perform to the best of your capabilities regardless of industry or country