Who we are?

We are the ‘go to’ experts in understanding the role that leadership, teams and culture play in driving business results. We lead the market in providing an integrated diagnostic system that is evidence-based, based on comprehensive research.

For almost 20 years, Human Synergistics Romania has been helping companies to strengthen their Culture, to develop successful leaders and to form strong, high-performing teams. We are an affiliate office of Human Synergistics International, a global leader in the research and development of organizational development methodologies and tools, with a history spanning over 50 years.

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Human Synergistics International is one of the few companies in the world that develops instruments that are relevant to the business community, while also meeting the standards of reliability and validity required by the international academic community. Moreover, our Integrated Diagnostic System is based on the most important theories and concepts from fields such as social psychology, medicine, philosophy, personality theories, motivation theories and psychoanalysis. Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis, Rensis Likert, David McClelland, Timothy Leary, Kurt Lewin and Robert Cooke are just a few of the scientists who influenced the research behind these tools.

Brief history of Human Synergistics Romania

The Human Synergistics methodology came to Romania almost 20 years ago, in the context of the acquisition of the largest local pharmaceutical company of its time. Employing 1000+ people, Sicomed were acquired by the investment fund GED Capital. They were the first client who went through a by-the-book development and transformation process using HS instruments. 5 years later, Sicomed was sold to Zentiva at 10 times the initial purchase prices. The president of GED Capital publicly stated at the time that 1/3 of Sicomed’s value was due to its organizational culture. The other 2/3 were due to its brand and market share, as well as their modern, new factory.

20 years later, we still share this story because it provided the real-life business case that highlighted the potential of the Integrated Diagnostic System by Human Synergistics, as well as the value of understanding How Culture Works.

One organization at a time, we continue to make Romania a better place.

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