Diagnosis methodology

The culture of an organization is a subject of analysis and strategic planning, just like business strategy. Understanding what you propose at the business level it is not enough, you must understand what kind of organization you need to be able to implement those plans. Culture DIAGNOSIS helps you understand how culture impacts the effectiveness of your organization

In the diagnosis process, we use three inventories that measure:

Current culture of the organization

OCI® inventory - Organizational Culture Inventory®

Organizational effectiveness (climate and engagement)

OEI inventory - Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®

The ideal culture of the organization - The OCI® Ideal inventory

The ideal organizational culture study (Organizational Culture Inventory®)

The OCI® Inventory - Organizational Culture Inventory®

Is the most widely used and thoroughly researched tool for measuring organizational culture in the world.

OCI is also distinguished by its research base, its statistical reliability and validity, and the availability of research reports to support and enhance its use within organisations. Independent studies, published in the most prestigious academic journals, attest to the value and importance of this instrument. Four of the behavioral norms measured by the OCI are positive and support constructive interpersonal relationships, effective problem solving, and personal development; eight of the behavioral norms are defensive leading to unnecessary conflict, dissatisfaction and tension among employees. They also detract from effective performance.

The OCI® inventory answers the questions: why do things happen like this in the organization? Why does the organization work this way?

  • includes 120 items that describe specific styles of attitudes and behaviors for 12 types of organizational culture
  • measures 12 dimensions/scales/types of cultural norms
  • includes 12 summary statements that measure the consequences of organizational culture models identified by respondents
  • uses Likert scales

The OCI® has been adopted by numerous organizations and completed by over 2,000,000 individuals and it is the only international instrument accepted by the specialized academic community for measuring organizational culture. OCI is used in cultural change projects in conjunction with OCI® Ideal for determining cultural differences, establishing and prioritizing change targets.

OEI Inventory - Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®

The OEI Inventory – is the Human Synergistics tool that measures the organizational climate, engagement and satisfaction, and identifies the strengths and organizational development needs.

The OEI inventory answers the questions: How things happen in the organization? With what consequences?

  • includes 128 questions related to operational management parameters of an organization (elements of climate, satisfaction and consequences);
  • uses Likert scales and differential scales;
  • measures causal factors that determine culture but also the impact of culture on performance at the individual / team / organization level;
  • the OCI®/OEI correlation shows exactly where a cultural change intervention produces the desired effects;
  • generically, OEI measures the organizational climate; measures 31 dimensions/scales called causal factors or levers of culture change and 12 dimensions/scales called consequences of organizational culture

The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI) is:

  • An instrument designed to measure members’ attitudes and perceptions of organizational structures, systems, technologies (job design) and the skills/qualities of the people they work with;
  • A way for organizations to measure their effectiveness through individual, group and organizational outcomes;
  • Assess internal factors and conditions that have an impact on performance and can serve as levers for cultural change;
  • Can be used in place of traditional pulse surveys to measure attitudes or climate and to give meaning and logic to member engagement results;

OCI® Ideal inventory - Organizational Culture Inventory® Ideal

The OCI® Ideal Inventory is the version of the OCI Inventory that enables the design of new behavior patterns that support the organization’s vision, strategy and goals.

dentifying the ideal organizational culture involves defining a set of desired behaviors more precisely, describing how top management would like employees to behave in order to support the strategic direction of the organization.

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