Impact versus feedback 360

Leaders have a significant impact on the thinking, behavior and performance of those around them. Intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly, leaders motivate or stimulate people to behave in certain ways. This impact, whether positive or negative, is usually strong enough to be perceptible and measurable.

Why is feedback important for leaders?

Managers and leaders have a vital role in their organizations: they allocate resources, lead teams, make key decisions. If they want to grow and develop themselves, they need relevant and honest feedback from the team. Usually this type of feedback is difficult to obtain.

If we want honesty, feedback must be confidential. This way we avoid the trap where the feedback is what the manager wants to hear, not what needs to be said

If we want relevance, it is useful to compare ourselves with others, not just with our own past results, to see where we are compared to the average

How should it be: 360° feedback or Impact feedback?


The most common feedback collected is the 360° type (from the manager, colleagues and subordinates), about the manager’s behaviors. What are the weaknesses of this type of feedback?

Impactul in organizatie

We propose the Instruments that measure the IMPACT of managers and leaders. Why are they a better alternative?

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Do you know what impact you have in your organization?