What's in culture for me

Culture is the cause of many problems in the organizations. We often receive the question “Why should we make a culture diagnosis?”, accompanied by the comment “we know our culture”.

Measure your culture if

All of these come from culture. If you use the Human Synergistics instruments you will be able to: identify problems, find their root causes and intervene at the source.

When should you diagnose your culture?

The diagnosis can be necessary because the context of the organization requires it – fast growth, mergers, low effectiveness, transformation, etc.
The diagnosis can be useful so you have a clear picture of the current status and know how to direct your efforts where they will make the biggest difference

Why should you work with us?

If you know the root causes, you can tackle the true problems.

Let’s take two examples: Companies A and B are in the same industry. Both report that their people are undermining each other instead of collaborating, that there are “wars” between departments. In both cases, the cause is a highly Competitive culture. People feel that they have to always be right, never appear to lose and work to be seen and noticed.

BUT when we analyze the results, we find that in Company A, we should work on:

  • Job design – people work in isolation, without needing to collaborate, only interacting with each other when there is a conflict.
  • Communication – focused on who to blame, on the fine print and not on the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, in Company B, we should work on:

  • Goals – too difficult, set exclusively by the management, without involving the individual
  • Use of punishment – those who make mistakes are criticized in public, receive bad assignments or are punished in other ways
  • Management – managers do not encourage team members to interact and collaborate while problem-solving

The survey results will not always be rosy. But whatever result you get, we will help you understand it, anticipate its consequences and change it. We identify vulnerabilities, make recommendations and celebrate the results you achieve.

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