Human Synergistics Integrated Approach

Through the common language of the Circumplex the Human Synergistics Integrated Model links culture and leadership in a way that allows individual managers and leaders to understand how they are perpetuating the current state through their thinking and behaviour.

Human Synergistics has developed a methodology based on the circumplex. Human Synergistics instruments go through beliefs, teams, leadership philosophy, organizational culture and show us that everything is interconnected. The way people behave, how they are led, how organizations work are based on beliefs, and Human Synergistics methodology helps you pass through several layers with the same conceptual model.

Benefits of culture diagnosis

Culture diagnosis gives you quantitative and qualitative data about:

All this information will be clear, coherent and explained in the diagnosis report.

Culture diagnosis is based on two main approaches

Structure of the organization

The way the organization works and is organized, what is the strategy, organizational chart and all processes and procedures of the organization

Organizational culture

Aspects related to how people interact with each other in the organization and how they do their work

The long-term results of an organization depend on the repeated behaviors of employees. The intensity of these behavioral norms gives the organizational culture. If an organization aims for certain outcomes in the future, it should ensure that people’s behavioral routines support those aspirations and do not hold them back.

The model we use when we diagnose culture is called “How Culture Works”

Following the completion of the OCI and OEI inventory by the organization’s employees, a diagnosis report will result detailing the model above.

Specifically, understanding how culture and climate work together means understanding 4 separate but interconnected components:

What are the behavioral in norms your organization?